Cup of Machine Learning From Starbucks

Problem statement

using of f1 score to check accuracy of our models and we can choose one to use .

Project Metrics

data cleaning : Data cleaning is the process of fixing or removing incorrect, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, or incomplete data within a dataset.

some Analysis outcomes

count    14825.000000
mean 54.393524
std 17.383705
min 18.000000
25% 42.000000
50% 55.000000
75% 66.000000
max 101.000000
count     14825.000000
mean 65404.991568
std 21598.299410
min 30000.000000
25% 49000.000000
50% 64000.000000
75% 80000.000000
max 120000.000000
transaction        138953
offer received 76277
offer viewed 57725
offer completed 33579

Data Exploration & Data Visualization

Data Prepossessing and model Implementation

with random state 0
with random state 42

refinement :

Model Evaluation and Validation



Future Improvements



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